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Facets of Personal Transformation

This will be the second volume of a two-book set.

The first-draft, original text of this project counted in at close to 800 pages of fairly fine print (about 450,000 words). In it, I had said all I wanted to say about addictions, twelve-step programs, addicts’ participation in their transformation, myths, culture, and spirituality. When I talked about this with my friend and editor Michael, to whom Addictions & Spiritual Transformation is dedicated, for various reasons he wisely suggested I divide the material into two volumes. Addictions & Spiritual Transformation is the first book of a set.

Throughout it, there are many references to Facets of Personal Transformation. This is presently a work in progress, and will be the companion volume to the first book. In it, I will discuss family, personality, psychology, therapy, emotions, communications, spirituality, gender, the dynamics of sexual and non-sexual relationships, applied personal problem solving, ethics and values, and religion. These topics are of interest to people in general, but there will also be much addictions-specific information for people getting recovered, and observations for people working with addicts. Facets of Personal Transformation is scheduled for publication in late 2007.

Together, these books will comprise a detailed examination of the dynamics and process of self-directed personal transformation and spirituality.





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