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Emotional Freedom Techniques
Body Energy Healing

—The Starter Manual—

By Richard Clark
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The Manner of Presentation
Five Spiritual Principles

From Appendix II of
Addictions & Spiritual Transformation

By Richard Clark
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Aspect of Communication

The Practical Application of Communication Skills
and Applied Problem Solving in Relationships

By Richard Clark
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These links are to those people or companies that offered excellent services directly or indirectly related to the book Addictions & Spiritual Transformation.

Trafford Publishers

The following links are to search engines that will help in finding any of the books that are referred to in the footnotes of Addictions & Spiritual Transformation. Some of the titles are out of print and may be difficult to locate. In addition to the six listed here, the Duthie Books web site (link listed above) has some book-search sites. On the Duthie Books site, choose Links on the bottom of their home page.

Amazon Books
Abe Books
Powell's Books

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The fact that websites and health information is listed here does not imply that the owner of this web site endorses the policies or services offered elsewhere. Neither does it imply they endorse Addictions and Getting Recovered or the services offered by Richard Clark. These links are offered for general information and convenience.

Richardís website devoted to Emotional Freedom Techniques and body-energy healing.

Richardís website devoted to the importance and use of organic sulfur in our diets. Organic (crystal) sulfur has an amazing influence on our health; much more so than other MSM/sulfur retail products. Richard and his associate are a part of the International Live Blood and Cellular Matrix Study that has been on-going for ten years.


Canadian Foundation for Trauma Research and Education

Alcoholics Anonymous
The original twelve-step program that is focussed on recovery from alcoholism/alcohol addiction.

Narcotics Anonymous
The original twelve-step program for drug addiction. There are other similar drug addiction groups like Cocaine Anonymous.

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous
A twelve-step program for addictions to sex, relationships, love-romance. It endeavors to support people with the "usual" sex addictions like pornography or prostitution; but is more directed towards the less blatant sex/relationships/love-romance addictions. People often attend these meetings and also attend Sex Addicts Anonymous.

Sex Addicts Anonymous
A twelve-step program attended by people with more obvious sex addictions like pornography, prostitution, anonymous/multiple partners, etc.

Sexaholics Anonymous
A twelve-step program for sex addiction that incorporates a clear definition of abstinence: "no sex with one's self or with partners other than the spouse" and is clearly organized around Christian principles.

Codependents Anonymous
A twelve-step program for codependence (meaning a destructive pattern of being in relationships with others), which in my book Addictions and Getting Recovered is described as relationship addiction.

Adult Children of Alcoholics
In the genre of non-professional/self-support, and the twelve steps, for adults that have come from alcoholic and related types of abusive families.

The Center for Creative Growth
A counseling and consulting center for growth and healing that is organized around the writing, teaching and therapy perspectives of John Bradshaw.

A clearing house/referral and resource web site for "the needs of the addiction recovery industry… and people seeking products or treatment services."

Canadian Center on Substance Abuse
"Canada's national addictions agency. Our mission is to provide objective, evidence-based information and advice that will help reduce the health, social and economic harm associated with substance abuse and addictions."

"Lists addiction and alcoholism treatment resources in the U.S., Canada, and Overseas." There is a wide range of treatment services and support options available for review.

Chapman House
Reported as a successful chemical dependency and detox treatment facility—safely, comfortably, and in complete confidence. Also treats gambling and sex addiction.


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