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The suggested retail price for Addictions & Spiritual Transformation is $37.99 (CDN). Retail prices, sale prices, or bulk purchase discounts are at the discretion of the seller. Most purchases will have shipping costs added to the price of the book.

Refund Policies
The requirements of mail order, on-demand publishing do not usually allow for refunds. Individual retailers may offer exceptions to this. The purchaser is responsible to be aware of any exchange or refund restrictions before purchase. The extensive excerpts from the book and the full table of contents are provided to ensure a more confident purchase.

Mail-Order Purchases
Outside of the Vancouver area, the most expedient method will often be through Trafford Publishing's On-line Book Store . This applies to single copies, multiple copies, or bulk purchases. Trafford's has different payment options, including an on-line secure server. Shipping costs vary. Note that orders placed in November or December may take longer due to the heavy pre-Christmas printing rush. This is only a general guideline and carries no express or implied contractual obligation. Contact Trafford Publishing for their policies.
Trafford Publishing's Book Store: click here

Vancouver Area and Lower Mainland of B.C.
Addictions & Spiritual Transformation is usually in stock at Duthie Books, 2239 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC. (604)732-5344. (Duthie Books is on the Links page.) The book may also be purchased directly from the author. Please use the "Contact" page of this web site.

Book Stores in your area.
Any bookstore can order Addictions & Spiritual Transformation through the Trafford's web site.

Non-Retailers / Small Agencies / Bulk Purchases
For bulk purchases of 10 books or more, it may be more cost effective to purchase and ship through the author. Use the contact page of this web site.

* All book prices, bulk discounts, shipping costs, and time guidelines are subject to change without notice. Price discounts and sale prices are entirely at the discretion of the seller. The author will not intervene in selling, refund, or price disagreements.





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