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"Congratulations, Richard! Well done. Your passion for what you're writing about and knowledge of the subject come shining through. And I'm only up to page 44."

J.B./British Columbia


  "A book like this is long overdue. Addicts trying to get recovered really need to get back on track. I really need it. I can't think of anyone in this field that doesn't need it."  
J.R./British Columbia

"Finally it all makes sense to me. I was so lost and confused with everything I was hearing in twelve-step meetings. I felt like I was drowning and now I'm not. It's an amazing book."
J.M.B./British Columbia


  "When I started reading, it seemed every sentence or paragraph evoked a question. I soon realized that if I was patient, and read carefully, there was no need to ask anything. I know it may sound foolish or extravagent, but all my questions about addictions and twelve-step programs were answered in the book."  
M.P./British Columbia


  "I just passed twenty years of sobriety and during the twenty years my recovery was repetitious and confusing. I wish I'd had this book twenty years ago. "  



  Edited from a letter: "Addictions and Getting Recovered is amazing... exactly what I wanted and needed. It's so nice to have the twelve steps explained so that I know what I'm supposed to do and how that helps me be spiritual. Before I read it I was way off track. It's hard work, but at least it's making sense... I can hardly wait for your next book."  
J.D.C/British Columbia


  Edited from a taped interview: "It's hard to read. You use some words that people don't usually use and I had to get a dictionary and actually use it. I actually had to think... [chuckles]. What you wrote made me mad. I actually threw the book down a couple of times I was so mad. There just so much [nonsense] out there... and I wasted so much time. I learned my addictions are a lot more tricky that I thought... a lot more tricky than most people know about... and if I want to get recovered I really have to work for it. But that's kind-of okay now, because at least I know what I'm doing. And why. What you wrote in the book is true."  
P.R.J./British Columbia


  "I am in the midst of reading your book and I would first of all like to congratulate you on your success of writing a detailed, cut to the chase text. I am thoroughly enjoying the read. It is really difficult for me not to go and ask all my friends in the program to read the book... "  
A.K./British Columbia


  "I've been wandering in twelve-step programs for ten years. I've tried AA and CODA and Alanon and ACOA, and spent most of that time being hit on by men and given all sorts of “advice” that never really made sense… I could never put my finger on how not to get hooked into more insanity. [Your] book straightened all that out for me. I feel a relief that now I know what is supposed to be going on and how to really make the twelve steps work for me."  


  "It's a powerful book. It's a bit scary, too... and it's hard to believe that so many people are so messed up in their recovery -- especially me."