Private Counselling is by appointment only.

My work with each client requires that they be treated and respected as a unique individual: Our personalities and our problems are as unique as our fingerprints. Each client is therefore entitled to a personalized therapy that meets their special needs. This requires a unique style and combination of talk-therapy (i.e. some exploration of personal history and emotions) and body-energy work (Emotional Freedom Technique and/or Self Regulation Therapy®). And: For addicts seeking recovery, this entails the added dimension of cross-over work, meaning the respectful exploration of personal spirituality and supportive work in emotional healing. It is very complex. [For information about Emotional Freedom Technique or Self Regulation Therapy® , please see below, and go to the links page and select either or the Canadian Foundation for Trauma Research and Education.]

The personal transformation and healing that I help clients accomplish is in relation to:

(i) addictions, especially addictions to anger, violence, love and relationships, sex and pornography, alcohol, street or prescription drugs, work, body image/exercise, and religion;

(ii) issues regarding chronic addictions relapse;

(iii) various gender and relationship issues;

(iv) various types of stress and trauma;

(v) resolution of or detachment from abusive relationships;

(vi) exploration of personal spirituality; and,

(vii) body-energy healing for relief of substance sensitivities, relief of fears and anxieties, improved performance, elimination of food and other-substance cravings (like tobacco, sugar, salt, chocolate). The list of health and performance concerns that can be explored through body-energy is long. Please go to the website on the links page.

I have extensive experience in program development, proposal writing, counsellor supervision, and addiction-interventions. This includes over fifteen years of seminar and classroom teaching in communications, life management skills, leadership, sexuality, conflict resolution, and addictions counselling.

Emotional Freedom Technique -E.F.T. is an amazing body-energy therapy, something like acupuncture/acupressure but without needles or any pain. By tapping on the body's energy meridians, it is has a very successful history of greatly reducing, and most often eliminating, addictive cravings, food cravings, anxieties, resentments, phobias, various psychosomatic illnesses, and many other emotional and physical concerns.

E.F.T. is becoming widely recognized by many professionals in the healing/self-empowerment professions. It's painless and facilitates noticeable, rapid improvement. Note that some complex problems will take longer, but still far less time than traditional therapies. E.F.T. can be taught to the client so they can self-apply it on their own. For information go to my links page and select either of the E.F.T. links.

Self Regulation Therapy - S.R.T. is another very successful trauma therapy that involves various body nervous systems, body energy, and resolves anxieties, trauma, and pain that inhibit growth and personal change. For information, go to my links page and select Canadian Foundation for Trauma Research and Education (CFTRE).

Lectures and Seminars regarding the twelve steps incorporate information that examines:

  • the long and painstaking process of completing and integrating the steps and creating a spiritual lifestyle,
  • the ego defenses and suspicious attitudes often displayed by addicts,
  • the nature of poly-addictions and addictions-substitutions,
  • the relationships between addictions and the often pre-existing therapeutic issues, which are compounded by jargon, myths, and misinformation,
  • the subtle and dangerous trend within "self-help" groups to demean well-conducted therapy; and,
  • the generally-held (and destructive) beliefs that twelve-step groups are a therapeutic panacea, and that the steps can be "converted" into a process of psychological integration.

The lectures are:

Step 1 & The Disease
Steps 2 & 3
Step 4
Steps 5, 6, & 7
Steps 8 & 9 and The Promises
Being Recovered and Steps 10 & 11
Step 12
The Traditions
Relapse Prevention

Addiction & Family of Origin
Relationships & Codependence
Emotion & Communication
Spirituality & Religion
Christianity & Spirituality

Other seminars are available on:

  • Addictions/Poly Addictions - An Overview/Aspects of...
  • Buddhism
  • Spirituality
  • Change & Stress
  • Relationships
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Sexuality
  • Life-Skills and Applied Problem Solving
  • Anger
  • Communication Skills

I tailor all presentations to the needs of those attending. They can be for clients in residential treatment, for people getting recovered from addictions outside of formal treatment, their significant others', health-care providers and professionals who deal with addicts and/or twelve-step programs (staff development), and interested outsiders.

Requests for volunteer/complimentary lectures and presentations are always considered.

Interventions are available but require detailed preplanning.

Relaxation/Swedish Massage Therapy is available. This is for relaxation, improved circulation, muscle tone, and resolution of knots and trigger points. Here, my scope of practice does not include physical-injury treatment. For injury treatment there are RMT, chiropractors, and medical doctors.

Physiological Health. Using naturopathic health supplements is an important part of over-all healing. For my clients in massage or counselling therapy, I provide access to certain effective, professional-quality, recognized, naturopathic health supplements.

Costs for services vary.

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